St. Albans WV Fire Department

Incident Statistics

st albans wv fire department class 001

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SAFD Statistics The SAFD responds to 1500+ emergency calls each year. The calls encompass emergencies ranging from difficulty breathing to multiple-alarm structure fires and everything in between. SAFD is rated an ISO Class 2 Fire Department. We are EXTREMELY proud of this rating, as it puts us in the top 1% of fire departments in the country!

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We are one of only 3 class 2 deparments in the state of WV (no Class 1 departments in WV). Insurance Service Office (ISO) is an organization that provides statistical information of risks to multiple agencies (including insurance companies). Fire Departments are rated on a scale from 10 (no recognized fire protection) down to 1, being the best ranking. Historically, very few departments ever achieve the Class 1 designation.
st albans wv fire department class 002
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