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Chapman Technical Group Pledges Full Funding for Safe Haven Baby Box Project at St. Albans Fire Department

ST. ALBANS, WV – In a remarkable show of community support, Chapman Technical Group of St. Albans has stepped forward with a generous pledge of $18,000 towards the Safe Haven Baby Box project at the St. Albans Fire Department Central Fire Station. This significant contribution ensures that the project, aimed at providing a safe and legal surrender option for newborns, will move forward without financial constraints.

“The principal mission of the fire service is to save lives, and this project will save and protect the most vulnerable among us,” said Chief Carney, expressing gratitude and highlighting the importance of the project. “From the beginning, we knew we would need the support of our community to fund the Safe Haven program in St. Albans. This contribution from Chapman Technical Group allows us to move forward at an incredible pace, making the Baby Box available for use sooner than we anticipated. The St. Albans Fire Department is overwhelmed and thankful for all of those who have donated, and we look forward to continuing to serve all people in and around St. Albans.”

In partnership with the City of St. Albans and the Safe Haven Baby Box organization, the Safe Haven Baby Box initiative aims to end infant abandonment by raising awareness of the Safe Haven law. The Central Fire Station at 51 Sixth Avenue, St. Albans, WV, will serve as a “safe surrender site” under WV Code §49-4-206, staffed 24/7 by certified Emergency Medical Technicians.

Greg Belcher, PE, Senior Vice President, Chapman Technical Group, commented on the firm’s involvement, “Next year will be our 40th anniversary here in St. Albans, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to give back to this community and to help make this special project a reality”. Chapman Technical Group’s commitment to the project underscores the deep-rooted community spirit of “community” in St. Albans and the collective effort to ensure the safety and well-being of its youngest residents.

Further details on when the Safe Haven Baby Box installation will take place are forthcoming.

The St. Albans Fire Department extends its heartfelt appreciation to Chapman Technical Group and all community members who have shown support for this vital initiative. For more information on the Safe Haven Baby Box project or to learn more about the Safe Haven law, please visit

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