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St. Albans FD, Mayor Honors DoorDash Driver For Fire Rescue During Delivery

ST. ALBANS, WV – The St. Albans Fire Department honors DoorDash driver Jeffrey Mullins who rescued a woman from her burning home earlier this month. Mullins, 25 years old, was making a delivery for his fiancee when he saw the fire and sprang into action. “It’s something that could happen at any time; I made an oath when I signed up to the military and I’m not afraid to sacrifice my life for any other living person,” said Mullens after receiving the award.

The Mayor of St Albans City Council presented him with a “Citizen’s Life-Saving Award” in recognition of his heroic act.

Mullens dialed 911, notified the neighbors, and then entered the burning home via a back door and carried the woman out by her wrists.

It allowed the woman a fighting chance, according to St. Albans Fire Marshal Chris Collins.

“We live in a culture where most people nowadays if they stopped at all, they’d pull out their cell phones and want to record the event, this guy decided to take action, but he actually put himself in danger,” said Collins.

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